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Top 3 Men’s Knee High Boots

Our top 3 picks for the best men’s knee high boots will surely keep your feet stylish, comfortable and kicking.

Whether you are on a motorbike, jumping out of your Jaguar or just going for the equestrian look, your knee high boot will say a lot about you. There are a lot of knee high boots out there today, but not many have the right combination of style, quality and price. We’ve reviewed well over a hundred of knee high boots and here, you’ll find our personal top three picks. Our top three knee high boots will encourage you to dress well and uniquely; ultimately inspiring your fashion sense.

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Funtasma by Pleaser Men’s Halloween Walker-130 Review

These boots are all about appearances for the fashion-forward costume owner. They are a fun, authentic and reliable product for comic-con costume. Men’s Halloween Walker-130 come at an affordable price, and is backed by a solid company.


Mens knee high boots funtasma

Colors: Black and Brown
Material: Synthetic leather/Pleather
Sole: Manmade
Calf Measurements: 15” outside and 12” – 13” interior

Our Notes: The fit is small around the toes, so do order a half a size bigger than your normal fit.

Basic Overview:

Again, we must say that they are good boots for the price. You are not going to go hunting or fishing in these, but they will keep your feet comfortable for the hours that you are at a convention or a party. They do not have much arch support, but that is easily fixed by placing some insoles in them. They complete your Kylo Ren or Jedi Knight cosplay, or even works to give a Santa look. They’ve got an inherently unique, yet somewhat universal design that will be sure to fit all sorts of outfits.

What you will like:

The Fashion Look: Be it a Jedi outfit or a Han Solo outfit, these are a great costume addition to your wardrobe. They can also be used for the occasional themed party or wedding. The spats can be removed for a more streamline/movie-accurate look. The spats make for a cool, sci-fi look to what would otherwise be a pair of riding boots. The pleather material they’re made of, although not durable, gives somewhat of a premium look and feel to them.

Customizable: If you are female and looking to use these boots as a costume, you will definitely find your fit. Additionally, you can take the boots to the next level by spray painting them to suit your overall look. An advantage to their pleather material is the fact that they will easily absorb paint. We recommend that you ensure you have sealed up the paint or else due to normal wear and tear, you will need to retouch them.

Price: At around the hundred-dollar range, you will not get any other boots in the market that will give you the look and durability that these ones do at that price.

What you will not like:

Calf Size: The calf size on the outside is exactly 15” in circumference, and the interior of the boot is 12”-13”; if your calf is larger than these measurements, you will not be happy with the fit of this boot. The decorative piece at the front of the boot is not attached to the boot, so rather unfortunately, you will have to bring out your sewing tools and stitch them yourself, or get creative with some Velcro straps.

Shipping: Since the boots are shipped in a normal sized shoe box (we do not understand why), they come folded in half. This will necessitate you to put in old tees to remove the fold lines and stretch the boots out. Needless to say, unboxing them was a rather unpleasant experience.

Quality: The pleather will wear off after extended or heavy use, and the vinyl used on the straps is not sturdy enough. On the other hand, the soles will fall apart after heavy use. We recommend these boots for primarily costume use. Also, the quality of material is not suitable for winter as the material will not retain enough heat to keep your feet warm.

Funtasma Men’s Carribean Combat Boot Review

If you are looking for a boot to serve you in a steam-punk or period event or just for a regular walk in the woods, these boots will serve you well. Funtasma Men’s Carribean Combat Boots are comfortable enough to wear the whole day, even in rocky or mountainous terrain. They also come in a great distressed/worn fashion style at a budget price, something not many boots can boast about as most “worn” style boots can easily cost hundreds of dollars more.

Funtasma Mens Carribean Combat Boot


Colors: Black and Brown
Material: Textured vinyl/Pleather
Sole: Manmade
Calf Measurements: 16 ½” outside and 13 ½” – 14 ½” interior
Fashion style: Distressed or worn look

Our Notes: The fit is rather snug around the calves, so if you are prone to sweating or have muscular calves buy a larger size and mitigate the looseness with thick socks or an insole.

Basic Overview:

The two main deal clinchers for these boots are: the price and the style. These boots come at a respectable budget price of $90 and provide you with considerable comfort if you are walking around or standing all day. The distressed fashion style they come in is perfect for the occasional themed party as well as for everyday wear. While they will do well in a forest setting, we do not recommend you wearing them for fishing. Nevertheless, they do have great traction for most needs.

What you will like

Comfortable: They hold up great for long hours and are fairly comfortable. We walked in them for hours with minimal discomfort. If you want improved comfort, we recommend adding insoles for the extra arch support and padding.

Price: They have a fantastic price point for the worn/distressed look they give. You would pay in excess of $400-$500 for boots that look like this.

What you will not like

Sizing: Although Pleaser is a great brand and sports great craftsmanship in their creations, they have not quite figured out things on the sizing front. The top of the boot is small and if you have muscular calves you will find the fitting rather snug.

Material: Keep in mind that this boot is made from textured vinyl which does not breathe well. Also, the lining can get damp if pressed directly on the skin. Therefore, if your feet are prone to sweating, buy a size bigger so that you are able to wear them with socks.

Wear & Tear: They have a lifespan of 6 months if you wear them regularly, and a couple of years if you just get them out for the occasional themed party. The top layer also tends to scratch off easily which reveals a gold material – definitely not pirate-y. You’ll have to store them well and clean them after use to reduce wearing.

Minnetonka Men’s Front Lace Knee High Boot Review

These boots are excellent for hunting or for the medieval themed costume. They will get you comfortably through the dense brush without the crunch of a pair of hiking boots.

Minnetonka Men's Front Lace Knee High Boot


Colors: Black and Brown (more orange-y than brown)
Material: Leather
Sole: 0.75”, very thin, rubbery and agile
Calf Measurements: 15”

Our Notes: The fit is small around the toes, so do order a size bigger than your normal fit.

Basic info:

With Minnetonka being such a reputable company, you will not go wrong when you invest in these boots. You will love their overall style, quality and comfort. We do recommend however, ordering a size-up. Look forward to receiving tons of compliments on both the brown ones and the black ones. Since they are such a cross-over fashion item, both male and female will get a kick from these boots.

Minnetonka Men’s Knee High Boots are also not common, so when you wear them, you will feel like you stand out from the crowd. So if you want to be different, bold, classy and funky all-in-one, but still maintain the comfort, definitely these boots are the way to go.

What you will like

Design: The Anglo-Saxon look with the fringe as well as cross-over to medieval times makes these boots classic. They will also serve you well if you love hunting or just want to wear them around the house.

Longevity: Again, Minnetonka has vast inconsistencies with their work, whereas some customers have had their boots last less than a couple of minutes (due to the laces breaking), others are still enjoying this new design one year later. For those customers these boots work for, they did invest in sealing their boots with wax for ease in cleaning and increasing water resistance.

What you will not like

Inaccurate size: These boots are made smaller than your regular shoe size, so make sure you get them at least one size bigger to account for socks and insoles if you plan on using them. Many people, including us, have had to have these boots replaced with ones that are a size bigger because they were too small (especially at the toe region). Do not make the same mistake as us!

Laces: First, the punch-out to the lace is a little off at the top so be careful with the lacing. Minnetonka should have invested in putting rivets around the holes for the lace. They’re also low quality and break very fast. We recommend that you invest in a better pair of laces so you won’t have to worry about them snapping at inopportune times.

So, What to Buy?

It really comes down to what your overall intention is when choosing which boots to buy. Are you an old soul with a bit of Moccasins mixed in? Then get the Minnetonka, not only will they serve you outdoors or indoors, they are also great for people with back and knee problems. You will need to cross your fingers and hope that your boots are in the ‘great craftsmanship’ pile.

The Funtasma by Pleaser Men’s Halloween Walker-130 are a great addition to the costume maker or just Jedi fan. Take them out for themed parties only.

Our personal favorite is definitely the Funtasma Men’s Carribean Combat Boot! If you can ensure you order a size up and do not mind the fact that you will need to wear thick socks or add an insole if you need extra arch support, these are definitely the boots to invest in. They are under $90 and they will work well for different types of themed parties as well as for daily wear.

Men’s Knee High Boots – Reviews

Selection of Mens Knee-High Boots. Shop the Latest Boot Trends.

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