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Types of Men’s Shoes

There are many types of men’s shoes designed for every part of life. Most men’s shoes are sturdier and wider than women’s shoes and provide a more functional purpose than fashionable. However, most men’s shoes today are designed for style as well as utility. Choose the proper footwear to coincide with your activity.

Dress Shoes

Dress shoes are designed to be worn in formal settings such as weddings, funerals and operas. There are many different styles of dress shoes. Wing tips, loafers, slip-ons and oxfords are the most popular styles of dress shoes. The most versatile color of dress shoe is black, but they regularly come in shades of brown as well.


Boots are the strongest type of men’s shoe, as they are typically worn for hard labor as opposed to fashion. Cowboy boots can actually be used in formal settings if they are clean and attractive. But work boots like Timberlands should not be worn for purposes other than manual labor.

Athletic Shoes

This type of shoe is designed specifically for strenuous activity with the feet. All professional sports players wear athletic shoes , as should any person who exercises regularly. There are different styles of athletic shoe, depending on the sport. Soccer, football, basketball, bicycle and running shoes all have unique features that enable the athlete to better their performance due to their footwear. Generally, running shoes are the most versatile style of athletic shoe, since they can be used on a track, on a gym floor and in everyday use.

Casual Shoes

Casual shoes are intended for everyday use and are typically the most comfortable style of men’s shoe. They usually look like athletic shoes, but are not designed for much more than walking. They are less expensive than most athletic shoes as well.


Sandals are not technically considered “shoes,” because they are an open form of footwear. But they are one of the most popular styles of footwear, due to their easy wear. Most sandals slip onto the feet without the use of laces. They are the most efficient form of footwear for use on the beach.

Men’s Vegan Shoes

Comfortable, fashionable and ethically made.

men’s shoes

Countless consumers have begun eliminating their animal-based diets and animal-tested personal care products in recent years. The latest trend in the move to cruelty-free lifestyles, however, involves footwear–and it’s not just a gal thing.

Increasing numbers of men are now looking for men’s vegan shoes, made from non-animal materials. Vegan Men’s shoes are available not only in a range of materials but in a range of styles. Pleather–plastic leather–replaces leather made from the skins of cattle, sheep, crocodiles, snake, kangaroos and other helpless creatures.

Flexible, durable and breathable shoes of hemp, including brand-name athletic shoes, have been on the market for several years. Hemp also shows up in waterproof hiking boots. Hemp, unlike cotton, becomes even stronger when wet. Cotton canvas nonetheless has long been popular in men’s sneakers and boat shoes.

One of the most popular materials for vegan men’s shoes is Vegetan, a synthetic fiber that looks like animal leather. Vegetan is breathable, water and scuff-resistant, and almost completely biodegradable. It cleans up easily with regular shoe polish and you can extend its life with normal leather protector.

The strongest and most water-resistant Vegetan material is Vegetan Micro. After a breaking-in period, Vegetan Micro will be as comfortable as the softest leather–and look every bit as good. The only difference will be that no animals were harmed so you could have a stylish pair of shoes or boots.

Some Vegetan fibers resemble suede, but they aren’t water-resistant. Even so, Vegetan suede makes a great cruelty-free alternative for men’s casual shoes. You can increase its water-resistance with spray-on waterproofing. Brush Vegetan suede shoes as you would ordinary suede to keep them looking their best.

If you’re a guy looking for ways to expand your animal-friendly lifestyle, why not consider clearing those leather shoes off your shoe rack and replacing them with some great-looking, comfortable and tough vegan men’s shoes?

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