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Wedding favors are given to people in a marriage to signify and celebrate the event. Wedding always has a special place in a person’s heart. Wedding is ‘the’ event in everyone’s life with unites him or her with the special someone they love. Therefore, giving away wedding favors is a custom followed by many to signify their happiness.

When you start searching for wedding favors in the market you will find a large variety of them. Wedding favors different in their entirety from ingredients to shapes to their costs. A wedding favor is generally selected according to the theme of the marriage celebrations.

Wedding favors can be edibles like chocolates and candy, on the other hand wedding favors also can be candles, perfumes, mementos etc. The couple gives favors to their guests to signify ‘Thank You’. In other words wedding favors are a way to express gratitude to the guests.

Again they can be giveaways edibles can be consumed then and there. Cheap wedding favors are the ones which guests generally look out for since there are many types of favors and each there can be something unique about every wedding favor.

There is a huge variety in wedding favors. Choosing one can be a hectic job. You need to plan and decide which wedding favor you would be giving away at your wedding. This needs to be done weeks before, since if you want something special as a wedding favor it might take some time for the wedding favor to be prepared.

Wedding Favors

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If you choose edibles as wedding favor you will find that there is a huge variety with equal range that will confuse you enough. There are cookie wedding favors, chocolate wedding favors, candy wedding favors, cake wedding favor and lots more. While choosing a wedding favor you need to keep in mind your budget. Higher the budget more is the range of wedding favors available in market.

Personalized wedding favors are in vogue today. These are higher in the scale of cost. With edibles you can find names of the bride and groom on the cookies, chocolates, cakes, etc. in personalized wedding favors you can also get the guests name written on the favor, if your guest list is fixed. This would be a big compliment to the guest. However, this would be a bit costly for you.

You can also choose gourmet made edibles as wedding favors. These are special ones made especially for you by the gourmet and each one is unique since experts make it. You will require choosing the gourmet to whom you would entrust your wedding favor. These wedding favors would be hugely appreciated since these are unique and not bulk made.

People also choose products available in the market to be given away as wedding favors. While bulk made wedding favors cannot be personalized, if you take some more pains you might find someone who will inscribe or write whatever possible on these wedding favors and you can turn the most normal ones into personalized wedding favors.

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These products can be candles, small perfume bottles, display items, watches and the list is endless. You need to use your imagination when you decide to choose your wedding favor if you are thinking of giving product. Aroma candles are well known for their soothing aroma and gel candles are well known for their attractive looks that can work like candles and decorative items.

While choosing perfumes you need to pay attention to the fact that almost half the guests are going to be men and the other half are going to be women. Therefore it is necessary that you select and buy after careful calculations and counting.

With display items and showpieces, you can choose similar ones or different for each one. Here men and women difference need not be kept in mind. You can purchase these in bulk and might be able to get good discounts at mega stores.

If you have decided to serve wedding favors along with the other food at your wedding, then it is important for you to know that you have to take special care at the time of serving these wedding favors. These need to be spread elaborately on the plate so that everyone can see it. If the wedding favor is unique and mouthwatering, it is important that you present it the way it deserves.

Another most important thing is that the wedding favors need to match the theme of your wedding. If you are planning your wedding according to a theme you should choose the wedding favors accordingly. For example if you are thinking of using traditional themes it is better that you choose a cake or cookie or candy as wedding favor since these happen to be more traditional. In case you are planning something exotic chocolate wedding favors especially gourmet made would be ideal choice.

Wedding favors are a must in every marriage. However, with so much choice available it is guaranteed that you will need to spend some time and energy choosing one that is perfect for your wedding. You can get some ideas from people who have got married before you did. Internet too will be able to help you a lot in finding out ideas and the price lists of the entire wedding favor, since Internet might be able to give you a larger range than your local store. So a bit of research and giving it some time will be able to give you a lot more ideas.