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Beauty Care Products | Beauty Products Guide and Reviews is a place where you can find description and reviews of beauty products by top beauty laboratories. We share basic information about products and we do sort them by several categories to make it easier for you to find the product you are looking for.

If you are familiar with the products we have listed on our website, please comment and share your opinion about the product that way we will be able to talk about each product and it will be easier for us to choose the right product.

We are here for few reasons:

  • Share with you information about professional beauty products.
  • Give you a chance to share your knowledge about each product in a simple comment option and we encourage you to share your knowledge, the same way as others do.
  • To talk about beauty world we share information about treatments, brands and find the solutions for your problems.

We hope you enjoy browsing our blog and we hope to see you more often here.

Makeup Reviews

Makeup reviews are a large part of what I do here on The CodBag. In fact, I started this site around the concept I was annoyed that every time I saw a mascara commercial, it claimed to deliver the longest, most crazily voluminous lashes Id ever seen. How can every mascara give the longest lashes? How can every home hair color create the most multidimensional shine? Its a crock, I tell you! So I decided to write them myself, being that I owned almost every makeup product anyway.

I only review makeup, hair and skincare products I actually test myself, so every review is an honest opinion of the product in question. I try to always tell which shades I bought and to give the product at least two uses and a full days wear before reviewing it. In short, Im committed to doing a good job for you kids, so be happy!

Makeup How To’s

How-To’s are just a cutesy name for the guides I write on how to apply makeup, style your hair, get rid of pimples and much more. I try to put a lot of time and thought into my how-to guides and make sure that I follow the steps I give a few times so they get the right message across.