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Shoe, shoe and more shoe style, news and offers.

Custom Rubber Wristbands

The cyclist Lance Armstong started a fashion trend a couple years back when he promoted his “Live Strong” cancer research foundation through the sale of rubber wristbands. Now

CodBag.com is a blog all about shoes, shoes, and more shoes…with some sandals and boots too, of course. Most of the blogs you will see here at CodBag.com are featured shoes that we’ve found available for purchase somewhere online. We try to find great shoes at great prices, and share them here at this blog. Hopefully you enjoy our little shoe blog we have going here! Please feel free to bookmark this website, pick-up our rss feed, and please come back often. Thanks for stopping by!

Online shopping has made it easier to find the clothing items we want that the local brick and mortar stores do not have. In fact, online shopping is oftentimes more efficient than in-store shopping and the quantities of styles and sizes available are much larger than what can be found in traditional stores.

The trick with online shopping is that you have to know what sizes will fit you and also what cuts will fit you so that you can avoid the hassle of having to ship something back to the company for another size.

Most online sites such as www.amazon.com will offer customers size charts where you will need to measure yourself in order to pick the size that works best for you. Do not shop online picking out sizes based on what you normally wear because the odds are that the size shipped out to you, will not fit.

Online shopping can sometimes be a lot more fun than going to the mall simply because the selection is never ending. Use your best judgment and comparison shop if you want the best deal and the most unique clothing pieces.

As fellow fashionistas we’re here to keep you up to date on the latest fashion trends from the runways of New York & Paris to the streets of L.A. We also feature the latest in designer handbags and shoes.

Keep returning as we will be updating our site daily with the latest and hottest news from the exciting world of fashion!

This blog is about fashion sense, style, clothes, shoes and the fashionable gifts. I have also added articles about the recent trends in fashion, products and many other things related to fashion and style for where else should I best put them? So here it is. CodBag Fashion.

Hope you enjoy reading this blog. Should you have any concerns, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Thank you for reading and have a nice, fashionable day!