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Gift giving is one of the most ancient and traditional social activities shared by people of all cultures around the world. There is an abundance of gift-giving opportunities thoughout the year, and we is here to help you find the perfect gift for that special friend, colleague, or loved one for any season, holiday, occasion or event!

Whatever may be the occasion, whatever may be the intention, what matters at the end of the day is the thought that went into planning any given gift. You can sit down and think about a perfect gift idea for your loved ones. Very often we think of a perfect gift idea only after wracking the brain for quite sometime. Often you may wrack your brains to think of that perfect gift idea for your loved ones, looking for fresh gift ideas for any occasion. Gift ideas are hard to come by. Gift idea can help you find a unique gift idea for any occasion and for any on your gift list.

Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for Any and All Occasions

If it is the holiday time of the year then, many holiday shoppers swarm the malls and stores to find the most relevant hot gifts, how can you decide what to get your family and friends for the holidays? There are always the usual gifts but we all want to gift them something special they will remember forever.

There are two great ways to find gifts that your family and friends will love. The first is to think of something the bond the two of you have share, in the form of a shared experience, a shared hobby, or even a shared memory. Whatever the situation, select a gift that helps you recollect the event. Maybe a garden sculpture for Mom or new beach sandals for your friends. Then each time they see it they can recollect the good times you had together.

Another good way of gifting is to find out what people actually enjoy. No, this doesn’t mean you simply buy something they like. Try and delve deeper into what that person likes about that particular thing. If you put down these kinds of preferences, then you can surely find the right kind of gifts. Your gift is ure to reflect the effort put in by you to give them that perfect gift.

Of course, it is always easy to find out what your friends and family want for Christmas and get that for them. This is particularly the case with children who like to make Christmas lists, though it is a tougher with adults. But what needs to be realized is that many of the adults manage to buy what they like by themselves thus there is a need to think innovatively in this regard.


All holidays (not exactly the days when you skip work) do give a chance for everybody to enjoy a particular day specially. But not all Holidays are celebrated with as much enthusiasm as a holiday like a New Years’ Eve! However, holiday like a ‘Father’s Day’, boosts your relationship with your parent(s) though they are not celebrated with as much furor.

So, brings you some excellent ideas for gifts you can give your folks, pals or siblings on a day that you all can enjoy!
Some topics covered in this section are:

Veterans’ Day or Armistice Day:

The first World War ended on November 11th, 1918 and this days is till remembered as the day of peace! People, especially those involved in military forces, enjoy it.

Thanksgiving Day:

This is one of the biggest events in the US and Canada! This day is a true celebration of life as it celebrates just being thankful! Families make sure that they are there with their families on this day.

Memorial Day:

The last Monday of every May, is dedicated to remembering the soldiers who have laid down their lives for their country. Apart from offering services in the name of the deceased, even adventurous sports are played on this day.

Labor Day:

Labor Day is celebrated as a federal Holiday in United States as a mark of respect to the gains brought in by labor force. Fireworks, water sports, shows and exhibitions mark this day.

Father’s Day:

The third Sunday of every June is celebrated as Father’s Day. Though people say that the idea of this festival only came to buy and sell gifts, this day gives a chance to many a children to thank their fathers!

Mother’s Day:

The Second Sunday of every May is now being slowly accepted worldwide as a Mother’s Day! There is a dramatic story behind how a day was dedicated to celebrate it for Mothers.

Grand Parent’s Day:

After Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it was only a matter of time before Grand Parents were dedicated with a Day! More than their fathers and mother, many children relate will with their grand parents.

Independence Day:

We all know the importance of July 4th for the United States of America. Though there are no separate gifts to be given away on this day, just a conversation saying, “happy Independence…” tells us how lucky we are to be alive and to be independent.

Halloween’s Day:

Children, and teenagers are the ones who make most of the day, while others are the ones who give away gifts. While children erase their fear of strangers, teenagers, get to show off how differently they can think, at least with their dresses.

New Years Day:

New Years Day is celebrated world wide only one Day, and to enjoy this day one need to get out on streets or reach the nearest square. This is one day when people welcome another year in their lives partying and singing.

Apart from those mentioned above, also covers other areas like Arbor Day, Boss’s Day, National Teacher’s Day and Flag Day.

Cultural Holidays

The idea behind is to give you information on how certain festivals came into existence, and if possible give gift ideas as well. In the Cultural Holidays category the whereabouts of some popular festivals are given.

April Fools Day:

This is one festival that is popular across the world, and yet is not celebrated by the adults as much as children or teenagers! Though there isn’t one single story behind this festival, it is used a day where people don’t mind being fooled around! In fact, someone who pulls a trick on his/her friend is seen as the April Fool!

Chinese New Year:

This festival is celebrated by the world is most populated county with great pomp, on the day of amalgamation of lunar and solar movements. The fact that the festival occurs on different solar days of every year makes this festival even more special. Fireworks make the festival night even more special.

Earth Day:

In 1970, March 21st was celebrated as the first Earth Day, an idea given by John McConnell to show veneration Mother Earth after a major earthquake in California.

However there have been other dates noticed as Earth day as well.

French Holidays:

The French enjoy at least 11 holidays every year with their 11 festivals. And what more, the French employees enjoy their holidays with the immense support they get from the government! And unlike many other regions the public transport is extremely busy or extremely unavailable during and around the holidays! But French enjoy their holidays with great pomp.

May Day:

As soon as one hears May Day, one is easily reminded of Communism and Russia! But more than than, May Day is celebrated through out the world, as a day that commemorates the struggles of working class! Be it the Communist Russia or be it the Capitalist America or the Democratic India, laborers of al the countries see this day as a day where they can voice issues that concern them.

Religious Holidays – Festivals gives you the whereabouts of the world of festivals and holidays! Of the many festivals celebrated across the world, Christmas is one festival that has a great history, a great reason to celebrate and importantly a great time to be with family. And ditto for the followers of Buddhism, all the Buddhist festivals are looked forward to every year.

This section, Religious Festivals, tells about various Buddhist Festivals and also about Christmas!

Buddhist Festivals:

There are quite a few Buddhist festivals, each with a varied history and each celebrating the Buddhist philosophy. Mahaparinirvana is a day which is celebrated to commemorate the great transition of Buddha from life to death. Vesak (Buddha Day) is celebrate as it is believed that it is on this day that Siddhartha attained the great enlightenment!

Apart from these major days, the first full moon days of April are celebrates as the New Year of Buddhists! But just before this, i.e. in March, it is believed that Buddha came over to Veruvana Monastery. This day is still celebrated even today as a Sangha Day!

Lord Buddha is said to have given his first sermon, in the present day India, at Saranath Deer Park. This day is celebrated as the Dhamma Day (Asalha Puja) . Other important days in the lives of Buddhists are: Observance Day (Uposatha) , Vassa, Karthina Ceremony, and Loy Krathong!


Everybody knows about Christmas and yet there is some mystique about it. One wonders if it is with Jesus Christ, or with Mary. And there is one day to celebrate great mystique surrounding it…and it is none other than Christmas itself. Children like the listen to the same story they have being hearing and adults look forward to spend time with their family and the list goes on. Christmas is one such day that is seen as a great day to celebrate how purposeful our life is.


How birthdays have been started as a day for celebration is a real mystery. But all of us are used to celebrating birthdays and enjoying our birthdays probably better than any other festival. Even big Corporate offices believe that Birthday’s need to be celebrated and they allow their employees a day off. Though birthday’s for some are very personal they should be definitely celebrated in one or the other way.

Toddler’s Birthday:

Though toddlers hardly understand what’s happening on their birthdays, they will understand that no matter what, they are going to be the centre of attractions. From the party concept to the invitations, from the games to the gifts it is all going to be fun for your toddler as long as it doesn’t get too noisy or as long as the toddler is given enough attention.

Young children always look forward to their birthday’s and sometimes even wonder if all festivals are birthday of some or the other person. Once you tell your boy/girl that you are going to celebrate his/her birthday, he/she might want to have a say in how it is going to be celebrated. It is going to be rather annoying sometimes, but it doesn’t really hurt to listen to your child. But how much to give in to their demands and how to make their birthday good for them and yourself is going to be a good challenge.

Teenager’s Birthday:

A birthday for a teenager really depends on his/her mood. Some like going out and celebrate it in a big way, and some really hate the idea of celebrating a birthday. However, it is always advisable to check what their plans are, if you don’t know. Otherwise you might end up hurting yourself and the birthday teen as well.

Adult’s Birthday:

Adult’s like celebrating their birthday with their close pals, and family. Though they never seem to accept it, they will expect some or the other kind of a surprise. So it is always good to have a trick up your sleeve. But what are going to be the best gifts, well…

Seasonal Holidays

“Life is like a season. If there is no change, you will be destroying yourself.” – Unknown. And to celebrate the changing seasons and the changing life, it is a great way of giving away gifts to your loved ones. brings you ideas, gifts and more importantly a reason why you should celebrate the changing seasons with your loved ones.


Spring is perceived as a time of a new beginning, a replenishment of new life for not just humans but also for all the living beings. The cool winds, and the hot sun make it a pleasurable time during the spring of each region. Also, most important (if not many) regional festivals fall under the spring time, and drive a positive feel in all the people concerned.

And hence this Spring becomes a very important time, to tell your loved one how much you enjoy their company, when every movement of nature looks positive!


Most people relate summer with scorching sun, except for those in the Frozen Zones! Summer is the time for sweating, and that means hard work. Remember the Ant and Grasshopper story! You will see the importance of summer. Summer is the time to make hay, and seek work, enjoy work, toil on work, and basically sweat it out. And when you return home, you will be more than happy for the work accomplished, when nature itself is asking for you to work.

Couple this work-satisfaction with an unexpected gift from someone, and you will thank the stars (that are visible well during summers!).


When everything is frozen, it is time to reap the benefits of your hard work, and seek pleasure (for your appetite, body and mind)! Though many people find winter a bit ‘frigid’ this is the time when one can think, sit back and ponder of the things achieved or not, things accomplished (or not) and how to better them. The fact that the spring follows winter makes this though even more necessary for a new start.

And around this time, a special gift for someone you care for will only boost the way re-think on their life.

Weddings and Marriages Gift Ideas

Wedding is a beautiful occasion where two individuals are brought together into a holy bond of matrimony. Marriages or weddings are celebrated in different ways all over the world, there is a show, pomp and celebration. An essential and integral part of weddings is the marriage gifts that the relatives or friends bring along to celebrate their happiness.

If you are invited to any wedding, it gives an immense pleasure to see a couple unite in what is one of the most important occasions in anyone’s life. You can thank and also share your heart felt greetings of a peaceful and a prosperous marriage life with a great wedding gift. This will help in conveying your feelings in an effective way on the special occasion.

It really doesn’t matter what gift you take . The purpose of a gift is to bring to the couple’s faces and everlasting smile. So if you want to get an in detail knowledge of gift ideas of the various ceremonies and occasions that are involved in a wedding, then check the ideas we suggest.

Wedding also includes a whole lot of ceremonies that give you an opportunity to gift like:

  • Bridal Shower
  • Engagement Party
  • Bridal Party
  • Honeymoon
Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Work Related (Corporate)

This section on Work Related gifts has a look at the occasions when we can give these gifts and how they can help strengthen our work relationships. Strengthening a work relationship is important because, it is only our work that gives our real identity, even in a philosophical and spiritual sense.
After all our work itself is the root of all our worries and also luxuries. This section covers the following information:

A New Business:

A business, especially a first time start-up is in itself an achievement. Hence it is self-evident that one should not only congratulate the new entrepreneur, but also encourage him (or her)! But what gifts can one give an entrepreneur? That is a good question to ask but, it helps to find the right gift by understand the needs of the new businessman. Of course, it is not always possible.

A New Job:

A new job, ditto like a new business, is a new venture altogether. A person will not only start working with new people, but understanding the new work and bringing our desired results is going to be a good teaser for the brain and brawn. Encouraging such an effort is essential and has gift ideas here…

Promotion At Work:

Promotion at work is a sign of successful worker. A promotion stands as an appreciation of goals achieved and also puts more responsibility on the promoted person. And for all the co-workers this is not only time to party and gossip about office, but it calls for a nice gift!


Retirement brings great worries and also great rest for a person. For some it can be depressing and for some it is what they have been looking forward to for a life time! But all in all retirement is something that needs to be experienced rather than talk about.


Sometimes there need not be any reason to give a gift, and sometimes there is something you want to say that you care with a gift. But all in all it is not necessary that you have the greatest of gifts, and yet can make something to give it to some special person in your life.

One such person could be your Aunt, or Boyfriend, or Brother or Cousin or Daughter or whoever. And may be…anyone whom you care!

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