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Holidays Gift Ideas!


Flag Day

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Best Holiday Gift Ideas of 2017

All holidays (not exactly the days when you skip work) do give a chance for everybody to enjoy a particular day specially. But not all Holidays are celebrated with as much enthusiasm as a holiday like a New Years’ Eve! However, holiday like a ‘Father’s Day’, boosts your relationship with your parent(s) though they are not celebrated with as much furor.

So, Codbag brings you some excellent holiday ideas for gifts you can give your folks, pals or siblings on a day that you all can enjoy!

Some topics covered in this section are:

Veterans’ Day or Armistice Day: The first World War ended on November 11th, 1918 and this days is till remembered as the day of peace! People, especially those involved in military forces, enjoy it.

Thanksgiving Day: This is one of the biggest events in the US and Canada! This day is a true celebration of life as it celebrates just being thankful! Families make sure that they are there with their families on this day.

Memorial Day: The last Monday of every May, is dedicated to remembering the soldiers who have laid down their lives for their country. Apart from offering services in the name of the deceased, even adventurous sports are played on this day.

Labor Day: Labor Day is celebrated as a federal Holiday in United States as a mark of respect to the gains brought in by labor force. Fireworks, water sports, shows and exhibitions mark this day.

Father’s Day: The third Sunday of every June is celebrated as Father’s Day. Though people say that the idea of this festival only came to buy and sell gifts, this day gives a chance to many a children to thank their fathers!

Mother’s Day: The Second Sunday of every May is now being slowly accepted worldwide as a Mother’s Day! There is a dramatic story behind how a day was dedicated to celebrate it for Mothers.

Grand Parent’s Day: After Mother’s Day and Father’s Day it was only a matter of time before Grand Parents were dedicated with a Day! More than their fathers and mother, many children relate will with their grand parents.

Independence Day: We all know the importance of July 4th for the United States of America. Though there are no separate gifts to be given away on this day, just a conversation saying, “happy Independence…” tells us how lucky we are to be alive and to be independent.

Halloween’s Day: Children, and teenagers are the ones who make most of the day, while others are the ones who give away gifts. While children erase their fear of strangers, teenagers, get to show off how differently they can think, at least with their dresses.

New Years Day: New Years Day is celebrated world wide only one Day, and to enjoy this day one need to get out on streets or reach the nearest square. This is one day when people welcome another year in their lives partying and singing.

Apart from those mentioned above, also covers other areas like Arbor Day, Boss’s Day, National Teacher’s Day and Flag Day.