Well come thanksgiving generally people will generally take for a Thanksgiving vacation and there are several destinations that you can go to and among them is one of my favorites which is historic and modern both.

Thanksgiving travel tips

Top Thanksgiving travel destinations and Thanksgiving travel tips

Plymouth , Massachusetts

This is the origin of the Thanksgiving dinner and nothing is better than going to this place. Again if you are going to Plymouth then you will need to make sure that you also plan for a visit to Boston and combine the tow. I am sure Boston English charm and ride in the famous Duck tours would be very very enjoyable.

New York City

This is a favorite at all times of the year and this year also it is going to be interesting and you can always discover something new every time you visit. Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is supposed to be the best and most important among all the parades and it is definitely as a fun thing to do.

Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade

Disney World, Orlando

Disney has characters to suit each occasion and the Thanksgiving day parade is supposed to very good and of course they have special themes running for kids all during the Thanksgiving weekend.

Chicago, Illinois

Again if have been to Macy’s day parade then it is better to plan for the Chicago parade. Believe me you will be enjoying that parade. Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Travel tips

Book early as the rush is always there. Now if you are planning to drive then you will face major traffic at all major highways. Play your travel early morning or late in the night.

Also travel light as the airlines are now charging heavy amounts for the excess baggage and for thanksgiving if you are bringing gifts then that means that you will be of course paying extra. A better ways would be ship the stuff to your destination and travel light.