Wedding favors are given to people in a marriage to signify and celebrate the event. Wedding always has a special place in a person’s heart. Wedding is ‘the’ event in everyone’s life with unites him or her with the special someone they love. Therefore, giving away wedding favors is a custom followed by many to signify their happiness.

When you start searching for wedding favors in the market you will find a large variety of them. Wedding favors different in their entirety from ingredients to shapes to their costs. A wedding favor is generally selected according to the theme of the marriage celebrations.

Wedding favors can be edibles like chocolates and candy, on the other hand wedding favors also can be candles, perfumes, mementos etc. The couple gives favors to their guests to signify ‘Thank You’. In other words wedding favors are a way to express gratitude to the guests.

Again they can be giveaways edibles can be consumed then and there. Cheap wedding favors are the ones which guests generally look out for since there are many types of favors and each there can be something unique about every wedding favor.

There is a huge variety in wedding favors. Choosing one can be a hectic job. You need to plan and decide which wedding favor you would be giving away at your wedding. This needs to be done weeks before, since if you want something special as a wedding favor it might take some time for the wedding favor to be prepared.

Wedding Favors

Bottle Openers Copper Wedding Favors. Laser Cut Bird Favor Boxes

If you choose edibles as wedding favor you will find that there is a huge variety with equal range that will confuse you enough. There are cookie wedding favors, chocolate wedding favors, candy wedding favors, cake wedding favor and lots more. While choosing a wedding favor you need to keep in mind your budget. Higher the budget more is the range of wedding favors available in market.

Personalized wedding favors are in vogue today. These are higher in the scale of cost. With edibles you can find names of the bride and groom on the cookies, chocolates, cakes, etc. in personalized wedding favors you can also get the guests name written on the favor, if your guest list is fixed. This would be a big compliment to the guest. However, this would be a bit costly for you.

You can also choose gourmet made edibles as wedding favors. These are special ones made especially for you by the gourmet and each one is unique since experts make it. You will require choosing the gourmet to whom you would entrust your wedding favor. These wedding favors would be hugely appreciated since these are unique and not bulk made.

People also choose products available in the market to be given away as wedding favors. While bulk made wedding favors cannot be personalized, if you take some more pains you might find someone who will inscribe or write whatever possible on these wedding favors and you can turn the most normal ones into personalized wedding favors.

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These products can be candles, small perfume bottles, display items, watches and the list is endless. You need to use your imagination when you decide to choose your wedding favor if you are thinking of giving product. Aroma candles are well known for their soothing aroma and gel candles are well known for their attractive looks that can work like candles and decorative items.

While choosing perfumes you need to pay attention to the fact that almost half the guests are going to be men and the other half are going to be women. Therefore it is necessary that you select and buy after careful calculations and counting.

With display items and showpieces, you can choose similar ones or different for each one. Here men and women difference need not be kept in mind. You can purchase these in bulk and might be able to get good discounts at mega stores.

If you have decided to serve wedding favors along with the other food at your wedding, then it is important for you to know that you have to take special care at the time of serving these wedding favors. These need to be spread elaborately on the plate so that everyone can see it. If the wedding favor is unique and mouthwatering, it is important that you present it the way it deserves.

Another most important thing is that the wedding favors need to match the theme of your wedding. If you are planning your wedding according to a theme you should choose the wedding favors accordingly. For example if you are thinking of using traditional themes it is better that you choose a cake or cookie or candy as wedding favor since these happen to be more traditional. In case you are planning something exotic chocolate wedding favors especially gourmet made would be ideal choice.

Wedding favors are a must in every marriage. However, with so much choice available it is guaranteed that you will need to spend some time and energy choosing one that is perfect for your wedding. You can get some ideas from people who have got married before you did. Internet too will be able to help you a lot in finding out ideas and the price lists of the entire wedding favor, since Internet might be able to give you a larger range than your local store. So a bit of research and giving it some time will be able to give you a lot more ideas.

Ideas For Wedding Favors

When marriage is on the cards for you, this is the time when the most busy and sometimes stressful time begins. A marriage means making plans, deciding on themes, getting dresses, shopping for jewelry including rings, getting invitations done and most importantly choosing wedding favors for the guests.

The most confusing and time consuming one can be choosing wedding favors for your guests. You want something special not something that you have seen that has been given for a thousand times in the wedding you attended. Therefore, you take up most of your time thinking rather than choosing the gift.

Buying gifts is easier that getting yourself to decide what to give. Therefore, you can use some ideas for wedding favors, you can choose one or you will get enough information that you can get an idea of your own for the wedding favors.

There are thousands of beautiful things available in the market today so choosing one type of wedding favor might not be an easy thing for you. You can always choose edibles but choosing chocolates, candies and cakes as wedding favors again requires you to choose the flavor. One of the most edible wedding favors in demand are the wedding cakes which happen to look exactly like the wedding cakes, but happen to be very small in size, therefore these can be packed nicely in small packets and handed over to the guests at the time of wedding lunch or dinner.

One of the other ideas of wedding favors is candles. You can buy candles extremely cheap especially if you are going to buy in bulk. Paraffin wax candles happen to be the most inexpensive of all. You can also choose the gel wax candles if you want a special theme in candles. Both the types of candles are attractive and useful, you can also get the normal votive candle engraved with the guest’s and your name on it. Personalizing a candle is not very expensive. Gel candles are advantageous since these last longer. Gel candles can also be used as show pieces since these are beautiful and shiny.

Moreover, gel candles last longer than the normal paraffin wax candles. You can use precious stuff like the silver and crystal for giving a gift. However, you need to find out whether you want to give this to all the guests or only those who play a very significant role in your marriage. Both the silver and crystal gifts happen to be extremely attractive therefore; these gifts are a guaranteed hit among the guests.

You can also choose to give glassware like the wine glasses or the flower vases as gifts. Giving attractive color glass dishes is again one of the good ideas of wedding favors. These glass dishes happen to be inexpensive. These are also available in various shapes, designs and colors. Therefore, choosing these will be an easy thing.

Some of the unconventional ideas are giving gift certificates of a local mall, or giving linens or handkerchiefs as wedding favors. You can also get linen personalized with your and your spouse’s name or initials on the linen along with the guest’s initial. This way you will be able to give something unique and special. One of the good ideas of wedding favors is the gift certificate. This allows the person with the flexibility to choose whatever he wants or requires. Therefore, your money would not go waste and each one would end up getting whatever they need.

Most of the common ideas of wedding favors are giving place card holders or the chocolates or candies. You can get this stuff easily enough from any local market. Plus these are inexpensive and most of the people love candies and chocolates, therefore these wedding favors are always famous and common. Another idea for wedding favors is giving cookies as wedding favors. These are available in different favors and different shapes. The best ones appreciated are the cookies in shapes of bride and groom. These match well with the wedding since bride and groom are the ones to be celebrated at the wedding.

Ideas for wedding favors can be quite a lot in number. You need to decide on the budget and how far you are ready to go in order to gift the perfect wedding favor for your marriage. You can be innovative and buy a normal gift and personalize it by tying a personalized ribbon on the gift. This would look attractive as well as personalizing comes in quite cheaply with this idea.

You can also gift pretty bags, unique candle holders, photo frames with names imprinted on these, personalized gourmet food stuff, etc as your wedding favors to the guests. One of the other ideas of wedding favors is giving small personalized wine bottle. These are famous since wine happens to be the integral part of any wedding.

Leather stuff also happens to be a good gift when it comes to a wedding favor. The latest craze is about giving koozies. These are used to keep the temperature of a glass normal. These are available cheaply and can be personalized with your names as well as the guest’s name or initial whichever you choose.

You will need to do a lot of market research if you want to give something cheaply and easily. You can always choose something that you always have in you mind. Choosing the best ones is not difficult, but these can take some time. You can always ask some one who has gone through the process of his marriage since they will have a lot of experience and will help you arrive at a decision.

Original Wedding Favors

Most of the wedding use favors which are available in the market. So if you are in the mood to give something to your guests as a mark of appreciation and something that has not be given by anyone you need to be original in your approach and give original wedding favors.

These wedding favors would have to be something special so that the receiver knows the value of the original wedding favors. Original wedding favors would have to be the ones which are not available in the market. Therefore, these are the ones which most probably you have conceptualized or the ones you have made yourself.

Original Wedding Favors

Original Wedding Favors

If you intent to give original wedding favors to people very special to you at your wedding you can try out these special ideas. If the guest happens to be your best friend you can relive the memories of the time you spent together in childhood by gifting her collage of all the photographs of you together so that she knows that these memories are special to you too.
If you intend to show your talent as well as intent to make your guests feel special you can try making some stuff from some art you learned. For example you can make each guest a special candle with a special theme. This would no doubt be time consuming but yet there is nothing like making someone feel special.

If you plan to give your daughter her special wedding favor, along with all the other special gifts that you plan for her you could combine everything new of what she uses everyday. It would mean including her favorite soap, favorite shampoo, the same brand of make up kit she uses, favorite perfume, kerchiefs, clocks, watches, slippers, medicines, etc. This would be a touching gift from a mother packed for everything she might need for her daughter so that she does not feel the immediate need to buy something from the market. Plus, it would be very special that her mother knows everything about her daughter.

Another original wedding favor you could plan for your child be it the boy or a girl who is about to get married is a home made blanket made from the old dresses used by the child throughout his/her life. However, for this it is required that you have a collection of all the dresses worn so far. If not then you could me a blanket with different photographs of the child on the blanket with you, this will keep alive all the memories and give them enough emotional backup to start a new life.

If your friend is getting married and you want to give her something special. You could do that by using your talent and some imagination. If you know carpentry you could give the gift of a piece of furniture made by you, it will last life long and always keep you in your friend’s mind. You would also be contributing towards his new home.

If you know embroidery, stitching, etc. you could create bedroom upholstery set so that your friend can use yours. It is a very sentimental and intimate gift. If will also show the pains you have taken to create any of the above.
Making original wedding favors requires determination, hard work and donating some time towards creation of something different yet something special. This has a lot of personal touch therefore is to be created only for someone for whom it is directed.

It is not that you require creating original wedding favors. You can also buy them or get these made to order. For example you can give each of your guests something that is special from you. You could hand paint names of each one of your guests on a small decorative tile and ask each of the guest to take the name tag with him, this they can use in their office or to put it outside home. It is extremely artistic as well as compliments each of the guest with you special touch.

Giving original wedding gifts means keeping originality with your special ideas so that the receiver knows that it is from you. An original wedding favor also means that you have kept the relationship in mind when you decided to get this wedding favor. Original wedding favors are personal therefore, when you make them you should keep in mind that this wedding favor will reflect on how you feel for the next person.

So make your or your friend’s or your child’s wedding a special one by gifting the original wedding favor. You require making something that will show your feeling to this person. It need not be anything about money; it has to be about sentiments. When you make this original wedding favor you can do so by trying to get new ideas. You can also go that extra special mile by learning some new talent and then use this talent to make the original wedding favor.

You hard work and dedication will surely reflect on something you make. This will make you a very special person for the one who receives this original wedding favor from you. It will also showcase your talent to the public. Therefore, wedding favors are the ones which reflect your affections for the next person, therefore these should be chosen or made with care and attention.

Wedding Favor Costs

How much to spend on wedding favors?

A wedding is the day that couples want to create memories that would last a lifetime not only for them but also for the guests who attend the wedding. For the couple they’ll have pictures, the presents and the wishes of the guests, but what would you do to make sure that the guests remember this memorable day in your life. This is where the effect of a good wedding favor comes in. If you pick up a wedding favor that is unique and special you can be rest assured that the guests will hang on to it and would always remember this special day. But it doesn’t mean that for a wedding favor to be unique and special, it has to be a costly one.

A wedding is an expensive affair and the biggest problem for couples is the fact that budget fixed for the wedding can be stretched a little tight. There are lots of expenses that come with a wedding. You have to pay for the services, the reception, dress, jewelry and lots more. And add wedding favors to the expense, the budget sure would be stretched. But the good news is that wedding favors need not be expensive to be special and this is where cheap unique wedding favors can help you out. Most couples always end up having a dilemma on how much they have to spend on wedding favors. The fact is that your wedding budget would determine how much you would want to spend on the wedding favors.

When a wedding budget is planned, some amount of money would be kept aside for wedding favors and based on the entire budget this amount would change from a few hundreds to few thousands. Wedding favors are available in different price ranges and this means based on the budget you can always decide the wedding favor that you can afford. Small personalized wedding favors would have almost the same impact as an expensive un-personalized one. The impact a wedding favor has is not by the cost but by your personal touch. You have many options to make cheap wedding favors that would be loved by your guests. This ensures that your wedding budget does not get breached and you guests would still remember this day looking at your personal wedding favor.

Wedding favors can be picked up from various wedding stores or from online retailers. If you feel you have the time then the nest option would be to make a Do-it-Yourself wedding favor which would be personal and also cheap. Ideally you would want to keep the amount you spend on wedding favors as minimal as possible. But one has to ensure that the wedding favor has some relevance to the couple, the theme of the wedding or the personality of the recipient. This is what will make it special. You can also give two or more small and cheap wedding favors together in a small trinket box if you think you have the budget to spend. Normally the money allocated for wedding favors would be anywhere between 2 to 10 percent of the total wedding budget. Always try to make sure that the amount spent is within the allocated budget as overshooting the budget would ultimately add up to your worries.

Top Ten Wedding Favor Ideas

Here is something to get you started – Top 10 Wedding Favor Ideas

For sharing the happiest occasion of your life, you want to convey your very best wishes to the people that attend your wedding, and the reception that is sure to follow. A simple “Thank You” does not seem quite sufficient enough to convey the heartfelt feelings that you have for these special people. Here are the top ten wedding favors you can select to show your guests how special they are.

  1. Pewter Calla Lily Mirror with Mesh Gift Bag. This mirror is pewter throughout, with delicate Calla Lily flowers adorning the circular area of the frame, and extends to create the handle. Present to your wedding guests in a silver satin mesh bag and secure it with a thin, silk ribbon.
  2. Chrome Bottle Stopper with Heart at Top. This is a whimsical way to show your guests your heartfelt feelings. The heart at the top of this chrome bottle stopper is made of solid chrome, and will make quite an impression on your wedding guests. Present it in a black velvet pouch, and you have an exquisite wedding gift at an affordable price.
  3. Miniature Dolphin Bottle Opener. This charming dolphin bottle opener will capture the heart of anyone that holds him. This dolphin enhanced kitchen utensil will be one gift that your guests will enjoy using throughout the year.
  4. Double Heart Pewter Finish Candle Holder. Romance will leap from this wedding favor, as guests are mystified by the frosted glass rose bud that creates a delicate candle holder, with two entwined hearts on the stem.
  5. Silver Heart Shape Coffee Scoop. Made of silver plate, this heart shape design will make everyone cheerful each morning when they brew a pot of delicious coffee. Share the love you feel on your Wedding Day with this marvelous favor.
  6. Heart Handled Silver Bell. Let your wedding guests use this silver bell at the reception to urge the Bride and Groom to kiss. They will truly love receiving this gorgeous bell set, that has solid hearts of silver on the top.
  7. Crystal Jeweled Heart Box. Give your wedding guests a work of art captured in the etchings, and swirls that form a bow that surround this crystal jewelry box. This type of wedding favor will become a family heirloom for the guests you treasure so much.
  8. Wine Glass with Love Charm. Your wedding guests will remember your Special Day each time they view this delicate wine glass. The charm is attached at the glass pedestal base, and clearly spells out the love you feel for them.
  9. Personalized Scented Bath Salts. Surround your guests with scent and color with test tube bath salts creations that are in your wedding colors. Adorn these test tubes with a matching ribbon, and you have an affordable wedding gift that is a true joy.
  10. Champagne Personalized Shower and Bath Gel. The unique champagne bottle shape will get the festive celebration rolling, and give your guests a chance to enjoy the luxurious fragrance later.

Special Wedding Favor Ideas

Some Special Wedding Favor Ideas

The Wedding Day is a highly celebrated event, and wedding guests are given favors by the wedding couple to show their appreciation. Here are some special wedding favor ideas that will delight the wedding party and all of your wedding guests.

Wedding Favors Priced $5.01 Each and Up

Humpty-Dumpty Egg Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers – $29.92 each – Perfect for a storybook wedding couple. These set and pepper set might wobble but will not fall over. Personalization available and are ready for gift-giving.
Silver Plated Friendship Christmas Ornament – $11.97 each. Silver flower pattern screw on top, clear glass that can be opened and filled with chocolates, or trinkets or other tokens of affection.

Crystal Bottle Stopper with Golf Ball on Top – $14.95 – The perfect gift for the Best Man. This bottle stopper features a large golf ball on the top and will fit in well with a wedding party that is clearly focused on their golf game.

Stainless Steel Brushed Finish Tankard – $27.66 each. The perfect favor for all men in the wedding party or the Groom. This handsome tankard can be engraved, and will make a nice memento for the wedding couple to reflect on many years from now.

Wedding Favors Priced $3.01 Each to 5.00 Each

Glass and pewter Candle Holder with Stones – $4.50 each – Stands 3.75 inches tall, and features a pewter base with heart shapes and clear stones in alternating pattern. Frosted Glass open flower design with poured candle. Comes with gift packaging that makes it ready for gift-giving.

Pumpkin Coach Candle Lamp – $3.50 each – Pumpkin that sits on a wheeled cart, with frosted glass candle globe and tea light candle. Painted silver throughout and stands 5 inches tall. Ready for gift-giving.

Castle Base with Glass Candle Holder – $3.50 each – Square frosted glass candle holder with frost glass overlapping lid, that sits on a white resin castle base. Adorned with a white organza ribbon and is ready for gift-giving.

Silver Stars and Stones Glass Candle – $3.55 each – Two frosted glass votive holders that are adorned with a silver star pattern throughout and embossed with rhinestones. Attractively packaged in a clear presentation case with organza ribbon.

Wedding Favors Priced $3.00 Each or Lower

Rose Heart Magnet Frame – $3.00 – Heart shaped magnet that is filled with roses along edges. Contains white mesh bag with heart at drawstring closure, ready for gift-giving.

Large Silver Measuring Spoon – $2.69 – Large, heart shaped silver measuring spoon with an inscription “Love Beyond Measure”. Clear gift box with silver ribbon on all four sides of box and bow on top.

Candle Snuffer Chrome – $2.75 each – Shiny silver chrome colored Candle Snuffer that is 10 inches long, features a bell shaped snuffer and handle. Decoratively gift wrapped and ready for gift-giving.

Cut Out for Love Stainless Steel Cookie Cutter – $1.98 each – This set of cookie cutters are elegantly packaged in a set of three, and presented in a clear, plastic presentation case. An elastic silver tie is placed at all case corners and makes the package ready for gift-giving.

Why Give Wedding Favors To Your Guests?

Many brides want to give various gifts to their guests at their wedding reception as it shows a token of appreciation to friends and family who have given their love and support and shared their special day.

They come in a vast range of shapes, styles, designs, colors and themes to reflect the individuality of the Bride and Groom.

As an example, some of the various gifts available are; beach favors, candle favors, place card holders, personalized favors and many more.

Your wedding favors can also be theme-based if you wish and can be based on any of the following; winter, Christmas, fall/autumn, summer, romantic, etc.

Today, these type of gifts can be purchased for under 1 each, so most soon-to-be married couples can afford to show their gratitude to their families and closest friends.

Whatever you decide, there are different themes and style of wedding favors to suit everyone.

Enjoy your special day!